Goodmorning 20, will you treat me well this year?

Today I pretty much wasted the day and just laid back... took photos , did some quality reading and research nothing productive. Danced my way through lunch whilst cooking 2 minute noodles. Don't you love having the whole house to you and it's dead silent. It was fun.

Here's what went down before dinner with my fam bam!

wearing: Vintage gold shoes, hat, a-line skirt and cardigan and jay jay's cotton tshirt. Chandelier earrings all from Justine.

The party however, takes place this weekend.
Any ideas how to celebrate my new found maturity?


Eden said...

i'm so glad to have been the first to comment and to greet you! happy, happy birthday! 20 is such a fantastic age. i mean it totally was for me and i'm sure it will be for you. you look fnatastic btw!



Karla said...

thank u:)
& haaaaaaaappy b-day!!


Erina said...

Happy birthday! Have a great great 20th! :)

Emz said...

Those are really cute earrings!

Pepa Xavier said...

Happy B-day!

Shin said...

What a gorgeous earrings!! Love your gold heels too! Enjoy the party and wear a fabulous dress! xxoxoxo

ryder said...

heels are a must have

Eden said...

hi gorgeous,

thanks for commenting back! how's your birthday coming along so far?>

much love


Enep said...

Happy Birthday :--D
wish you all the best, dear!


Naka said...

happy bday!

noirohio vintage said...

happy happy birthday!!

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