Less is More



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I need to keep busy in the following weeks. I have grown attached to several things. I want to take them with me wherever I go. I really, really, really want to.

Sadly, this is my goodbye until January unless I get a chance to blog, find a place with internet and survive on bottled water and make it to said Internet hub


Have an amazing 60 days of Summer/Winter.


The word "Undergraduate" is such a subordinate term. It almost makes me think all this studying is not good enough. Under-appreciated. It also makes me feel overwhelmed. I am old now, yikes! I completed high school three years ago and here I am preparing myself for my last exam. Soon after that I am on a well deserved 3 month break. Don't you love tertiary education? *clears throat*


I was tagged to share 5 aspects about me a while back so here goes.

1)I moved to Australia 7 years ago and I honestly can't wait to visit home and reconnect with friends and family. Facebook isn't good enough. I need body warmth and eye contact.The past 7 years have been a magnificent experience. My formidable years however, were in India and will always be. I'll be spending a good 2 months there. Let's see how I cope with Internet Cafe's and seedy men raping me with their eyes.

2) I think the most beautiful person is my mother. I know she doesn't read this so I can mention it. She reminds me of an exotic snow white. Filipino with the fairest skin and ebony hair. I met her last year and she has aged gracefully.

3) I'm still scared of the dark. Thanks to Indian folklore and superstition I have a colourful imagination.

4) "I stay up at night on my computer looking for answers" haha THIS IS SO ME! I wouldn't say I suffer from a bad case of insomnia... I'm just curious. Society, Music, Film, Ethics ya di ya di ya da. I like to know stuff, stuff that I will never use in my life. (mostly)

5) I over analyse everything. Conversations, body language, facbook status's, my music, the movies i watch, my blog. I bet by the time I publish this you won't read half the stuff I originally came up with. One- because i am my worst critic and Two- I think I am pretty funny when really I'm not.

so there you go.