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I need to keep busy in the following weeks. I have grown attached to several things. I want to take them with me wherever I go. I really, really, really want to.

Sadly, this is my goodbye until January unless I get a chance to blog, find a place with internet and survive on bottled water and make it to said Internet hub


Have an amazing 60 days of Summer/Winter.


The word "Undergraduate" is such a subordinate term. It almost makes me think all this studying is not good enough. Under-appreciated. It also makes me feel overwhelmed. I am old now, yikes! I completed high school three years ago and here I am preparing myself for my last exam. Soon after that I am on a well deserved 3 month break. Don't you love tertiary education? *clears throat*


I was tagged to share 5 aspects about me a while back so here goes.

1)I moved to Australia 7 years ago and I honestly can't wait to visit home and reconnect with friends and family. Facebook isn't good enough. I need body warmth and eye contact.The past 7 years have been a magnificent experience. My formidable years however, were in India and will always be. I'll be spending a good 2 months there. Let's see how I cope with Internet Cafe's and seedy men raping me with their eyes.

2) I think the most beautiful person is my mother. I know she doesn't read this so I can mention it. She reminds me of an exotic snow white. Filipino with the fairest skin and ebony hair. I met her last year and she has aged gracefully.

3) I'm still scared of the dark. Thanks to Indian folklore and superstition I have a colourful imagination.

4) "I stay up at night on my computer looking for answers" haha THIS IS SO ME! I wouldn't say I suffer from a bad case of insomnia... I'm just curious. Society, Music, Film, Ethics ya di ya di ya da. I like to know stuff, stuff that I will never use in my life. (mostly)

5) I over analyse everything. Conversations, body language, facbook status's, my music, the movies i watch, my blog. I bet by the time I publish this you won't read half the stuff I originally came up with. One- because i am my worst critic and Two- I think I am pretty funny when really I'm not.

so there you go.

Bite Me.

Warning: Not for those who eat celery for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Do not try this at home. (just a suggestion)

maybe that was a bit harsh. I'm sorry


I have been living in Sydney for almost 8 years now. Previously, I always thought most western cultures would indulge in Halloween. Why wouldn't they? It's a pretty sweet deal, if you ask me. So having said that I prudently went trick or treating. I learnt its not an Australian thing to do. My poor siblings received apples, muesli bars, a few cents, some words of wisdom but no candy. We hailed that year as a "trick". Haha a nasty trick on our imagination, our childhood and creativity. Since then the four of us vowed to never ever attempt Halloween in our hood.

Fast forward to our present. Thanks to Heidi Klum and our desperate culture to bend over backwards to fit in Halloween is catching on. Hells yes. Do you guys have any plans? What have you decided to dress up as?

it should take me tops a month and a bit to sport this look all naturale

the only day you can dress up as a slut and get away with it

those girls look tougher than robin

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L.A 08

Band wagon

This is the first time I have ever seen Sports Girl marketing attempting to appeal to a intellectual/cultural side of women. Usually it’s just vapid looking girls with fluroescent lipstick and absurdly long hair and absurdly big lips striking marching-pony poses in meticulously arranged clothes, with a stupid catch phrase arching above this all. I guess it is attempting to appeal the faux-tragic/poetic, cute-librarian fad of the moment, which is seeing a lot of 15 year-olds in docs and panda-eyes clutching Penguin Classics while they twirl their vintage frocks and misinterpret Catcher In The Rye. While Sports Girl is only cashing in on this trend, it does call my attention to the fact that it’s just a bit depressing that marketing women in a cerebral/cultural rather than sexually aesthetic way can stick out like a sore thumb.

I commend overdose babyblue for stating this. This is true. You know you are nodding away agreeing to every sentence. It's pretty pathetic our "individual" style and creativity is cashed onto mainstream propaganda. What for? The whole "I am woman hear me roar" bullshit really needs to stop.

You know deep down some girls go to Borders to update their magazine subscriptions they would rather not pay for. They may flaunt a fancy library that sports every Russian surname, classic English title but please don't refuse to dabble in some vampire action if that's what you are really in to.

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My personal life has hit rock bottom.
My family is facing hardship with a smile on their faces and a hand out to comfort those affected. I learn from them. I admire them. I admire my sister and brother for being strong individuals. One should value life before it's far too late.

Hug your loved ones, have some tea, watch some useless TV. Most of all let them know they are special.

take care my lovelies.

Quick post!

For those who have had an ugly past. Swearing totally appropriate in this case :)

Am I a Stereotype?

Isn't she beautiful? One of my favourite Indian Models. I have been organising a trip to India, I can't wait to spend time with family and friends.


"Unemployed Teen wasting away during an economic turmoil"

"Aliens migrating to the country, a land of golden opportunity"

"red black and brown"


"vain hipster lurking around the streets of Sydney"

"female, career driven, apathetic to her culture. potential graduate"

Pick what you shall we all strive to be politically correct. I work my brain off and my verbal intelligence every Tuesday during my Ethics class. To tell you the truth I have no idea how I can truly justify my actions. I am surrounded by contradictions and I guess I am a hypocrite.

Not every question has an answer and that is ETHICS in a nutshell. It's frustrating not knowing if you are right or wrong. I'd like to think I am conscious of what's around me, the issues we face everyday but there is little importance if you are detached from reality.

I feel my blog and reading other blogs is an attempt for escapism. Its a reality we would all like to percieve as an oppourtunity to get to know others, share opinion and even secretly hope to get famous. Haha Come on!

All I'm saying is people take charge of what is happening now. Be true to yourself, you will form the answers may it be right or wrong, You my dear friends will have one skill the rest won't possess and that is the answer you believe in.