I have been living in Sydney for almost 8 years now. Previously, I always thought most western cultures would indulge in Halloween. Why wouldn't they? It's a pretty sweet deal, if you ask me. So having said that I prudently went trick or treating. I learnt its not an Australian thing to do. My poor siblings received apples, muesli bars, a few cents, some words of wisdom but no candy. We hailed that year as a "trick". Haha a nasty trick on our imagination, our childhood and creativity. Since then the four of us vowed to never ever attempt Halloween in our hood.

Fast forward to our present. Thanks to Heidi Klum and our desperate culture to bend over backwards to fit in Halloween is catching on. Hells yes. Do you guys have any plans? What have you decided to dress up as?

it should take me tops a month and a bit to sport this look all naturale

the only day you can dress up as a slut and get away with it

those girls look tougher than robin

all images from stalking this person

L.A 08


Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts said...

I love halloween and wish it were celebrated with more gusto here. I especially love the Bowie Balloon here, and of course Alex and Clockwork Orange... I would love to get a whole gang together to dress up as droogs!

Sydnie said...

Love all of these pictures! I agree with the whole Trick-or-Treating thing ... you're never too old to get free candy! This year, I'm being a boxer. Love the post!

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Naka said...

awh look at snow white being arrested XD

I love halloween ^^
I'm going to whity goth weekend :p

camille said...

haha, yes- so, SO excited for it "this" year. I'm want to dress like a MJ thriller zombie!

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