Making up for Lost Times

Gentle Storm.

It feel's good to get into the swing of things. I'm back at Uni, out of work... Plenty of assignments which means lack of social interaction which means I have some sort of restraining order until my break.

Last weekend we celebrated beautiful, Mel's birthday. We traveled to a Spanish Cabaret restaurant. It was an exhilarating experience. I absolutely love dancing, its in my blood and the food was drool worthy!

We even had the opportunity to have a salsa lesson. Mel and Brother dearest won 1st place.

I wish I could take better pictures to show you the ethereal layers that made up this dress. I cant believe this dress is so old! Perfect Find

Bloom nailpolish, grape vine ring- Sportsgirl, Assorted heirlooms from family, japanese pins- Borders, Military Jacket- SES; Vintage Cue Dress- Salvos; Wittner boots.

I feel like I am experiencing abrupt and constant change in my life and that has definitely molded my views and beliefs. I am comfortable in my own skin and never have I been this comfortable experimenting. We bloggers should know this. It is like an unspoken , mutual connection. We stand out. We do. People either blatantly gawk their eyes out at you or sheepishly comment your interpretation.

Amongst our community we will always have the haters that love their stereotype. And you will see this. They have their posses and they all look alike even if they are fashion forward. Whatever, I absolutely despise arrogance.

Hello General Pants check out chicks and guys

R-L handmade dress, salvos lace one piece, siren boots;
AA hoodie, T from Thailand, Platypus shoes and Lee Jeans;
Vintage head to toe, lace tights- sports girl;
Jeans and Shirt- Ross, Hat and Jacket- Thrifted, Rubi oxfords.

Do you guys expeience attitudes from people for no apparent just because you dress a certain way?

Egon Schiele

(Vogue Italia, 1996. Photographed by Paolo Roversi)

Egon Schiele has always been an amazing source of inspiration for me. His paintings represent a very personal and revolutionary vision of the world, especially for the time they were created. Yest I still find his work incredibly modern. I particularly love the atmosphere he created in his portraits: glorious and distorted, a sublime and twisted celebration of sensuality.

- Italo Zucchelli, Calvin Klein

The New York Times: The Moment Blog

Gertrude Schiele

A spirit of sober luxury guides this season's new collection, in which Vienna of the 1900s meets with Klimt and Schiele in a universe of extreme refinement.

- Louis Vuitton website

marc jacobs for Louis Vuitton

When one delves into the lifes and work of Schiele, it is impossible not to find inspiration. His unique and exquisite artistry allows him to depict both overt sexuality and the un-selfconscious innocence of childhood.

- Derek Lam

Derek Lam


Word of advice.

Do not tamper with HTML if you cannot sleep.

I froze, shocked and angered. Of all things I could possibly comprehend, a silent four letter word resounded after which I replaced it with... HELP!

Unfortunately, its 4 am and no one as foolish as me would stay up this late.

What do you guys think?

*sniffs* I guess change is good? If not is anyone good at this?

On a side note.

Deservable mention to Willow and Daria at Pigtails & Blushing Cheeks without their support this blog would definitely be on the flip side. Thank you so so much!

and all the readers who visit, who comment, who read. Thank you. I will try me hearty best to update regularly!

Have a great weekend ya'll


Harold David