I need structure

Jumping between jobs and let downs these past few weeks, it is safe to say "I'm on the right track". Currently working in the fashion industry and boy oh boy is it interesting!
Interesting as I described it as is somewhat a polite understatement. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy every second of it. The buzz of potential buyers, fabrics and accessories that will be used in the coming year. It's all part of this exciting process.

I absolutely love being inspired, extending my creativity and having fun. Unfortunately, it is not all fun and frolic. You need to fit a distinctive criteria which can be stereotyped, cynical and unoriginal in the sense - you should look like those around you.

Where is the individuality? The open arms waiting for some crazy interpretation. I just wished women took a stand and stopped subscribing to wasting themselves in this cut throat melodrama.

(images: various from inspiration folder and via fashionising)

Tiny Dancer