Fashion on LSD!


Australian Designer- Serena Van Der Woodsen! Funny right? I thought so too but she changed the label's name to her name Charlotte Web ( legal reasons)

Melissa Mag- Issue 1

Australian Designer: Michelle Czech

Australian Designer- Konstantina Mittas Spring 2009

Purple blazer Inspiration: who what wear daily

anzevino and florence cardigan

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pigtails and blushing cheeks

for giving me a lovely blog award :) They are absolutely awesome and have a great sense of humour... reading their blog posts makes me miss school, its exciting coz they have crazy inspirations and most recently she made a "piano" inspired collar dress. Check it out!

Jumps in excitement!

Me: I got an award! I got an award!
Brother: So... what do you get?
Brother: so you don't get anything?
ME: I got an award ...Ashish!
Brother: Oh! yeah thats good. *walks away*



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Thank you for reading this blog seriously! It means a lot to me :)
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Fuzzy Lights

Hello fellow bloggers,

I apologise for my tardiness. My inefficiency should be blamed on my ability to leave things to the last minute. I’m still at University and this semester is almost done with the added grace of 2 excruciating exams first week of June. So again bear with me for a little while longer. According to my family school should and always be my first priority haha! Yes Pa’

Well anyways that being said I won't limit you from what I have been up to lately.

Last night we travelled to 'The Rocks" in Sydney and dined at a popular and appropriately named restaurant called, 'Pancakes at the Rocks'. Foolish of us to order meals... the pancakes in itself could feed a family of four.

here's what they call a Devil's Delight

Now for the outfits we donned, sorry for the blurry images still learning how to use the camera in manual focus!

(right to left)

Ashish: Thrifted beanie and leather jacket- GoodWill, AA acid wash hoodie, tshirt?, lee jeans and Ben Sherman shoes.
Mel: Beret and Ruffled Victorian shirt- salvos , Vintage leather motorcycle jacket and pixie tan boots- Ebay , tights-AA.

(below)Thrifted Blazer- salvos, Crushed silk dress- Alice in the eve, sheer stockings, oxfords- paddy's markets.

I also found an amazing and refreshing designer, Bjorg with a unique promotional campaign. At first I thought if it were me in that ad I would run for my life... but for art's sake lets just live life slow mo'. Check out their website!

Turn my swag on!

KA/POW/WOW inspired by Jacobian ruffs & natural structures such as: fruit & coral KA/POW/WOW neck pieces are exquisitely organic in form and spirit. each piece is meticulously hand crafted with love from reclaimed textiles sourced from charity shops & via the vast London on-line network: freecycle. KA/POW/WOW objects are clever and a bit kooky.

I absolutely love their work! They are not afraid to exercise their creativity and exercise the freedom and benefits of recycling. Together they are an ambitious and adventurous team that will truly deliver eclective, one of a kind pieces that will turn heads. For all the right reasons!

Their work breaks away from all the overpriced bibs and statement jewelery you drool over online. I'd like to one day (soon) try making something similar.

Stay safe everyone!
Have a great weekend

Artist in Focus: Steven Klein

"There is a desire to link photography with painting. My background is painting and I feel there is no connection between the two. It is as if the camera is linked to a sin, producing a bastard art form that we feel we must link to the past in order to give it credentials. I don't want those credentials. I have no need to apologise for photography. My archives exist only for sound business reasons; otherwise my work would be disposable. And there lies the contradiction, for I am a private person not an exhibitionist, I am a person who lives for the future, not the past; I am standing behind a camera in order that I can extend myself in front of it."
Steven Klein

I would love to spend a day and just observe Steven. His work not only paints an exquisite picture, it also over flows with brooding intelligentsia and an ambitious streak to test those with a convoluted view of reality. His production goes beyond mainstream and he exceeds the expectations of those part of the industry every single time.

Designer in Focus: Ginger & Smart

'Australian luxury label GINGER & SMART is all about creating a distinct and inspiring product to market to a design-literate customer, both locally and internationally. The label was founded in 2002 by Sydney-based sisters, Genevieve and Alexandra Smart out of the desire to combine family talent to build a strong lifestyle brand. With Alexandra’s creative business background as an Editor and Publisher for luxury lifestyle magazines, books and the internet combined with Genevieve’s years spent at the helm of Lisa Ho as Senior Designer, and her grounding with Australian swimwear and fashion luminaries, Zimmermann, their united industry knowledge covered every possibility, probability and all the potential of a successful and exciting family fashion business.
Specifically, the GINGER & SMART product is always sophisticated and sharply modern. ‘Luxury Escape’ is the strict style mantra for each range. Luxe eclectic materials reflect the opposing forces they seek to work with. Leather, cashmere, silk and fine cotton represent the strength and vulnerability; the hard and soft design elements that are the foundations of this individual and intelligent brand. Dynamic prints and bold, creative colourways are also signature GINGER & SMART design' (RAFW)