No Pause

The camera has been in good hands... except mine. Thing is I am so scared I will scratch it, break it or drop it- I am too afraid to use it. Now that I finally have this amazing camera I really don't know what to do with it. How can I take a better photo? Should it go through photoshop before hitting my blog.

Overanalysing is my forté especially you know during that time of ...

I really hate maths. I need to find a job/career I will enjoy. I want to stop overanalysing and be happy.

Swine flu or the recession whatever makes the media go around. I will kick it in the butt and be

Ashita Fierce haha. I need a better name for my alter ego.

Anywho... last night we were out driving along the city and dropped by an exquisite chocolate cafe. They are known for their spanish churos and gourmet chocolate. It was soooooo good! It instantly made me feel so much better. 'Tis true chocolate does heals your soul.


pigtails and blushing cheeks said...

omgosh, churros in glebe!!!
that place is delicious :)

Erina said...

wow, that chocolate looks good!! use the camera! take some photos! i'm sure it'll work out wonderfully!

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