Tilda. Swinton

Another magazine did an editorial on her... the clothes, the sculpture, her magnificent captivity in every frame is starking and beautiful.

And I did receive resourceful birthday presents. One of the gifts being the Canon 450D I can't wait to experiment!

Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes.

My brother surprised me with a embarrassing self portrait. He even threw in my nickname just for giggles which by the way in my defense I created when I was 12.

sorry about the low picture quality. all these pictures were in PDF format. Blogger doesn't support it. Bummer.

Have an awesome weekend!


pigtails and blushing cheeks said...

happy birthday, hope you enjoy your presents :)

that editorial on tilda swinton looks fab!

Anonymous said...

happy belated birthday love! thanks for stopping by my blog

Joezehh said...

#1 i love tilda swinton
#2 happy birthday for a while ago!
#3 thanks for your lovely comments :)
#4 that picture is adorable :D
x x x x x x

suzie said...

happy bday!

i love the picture in the pink dress,

oh lady e said...

Happy belated birthday! :)

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