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I campaigned for nothing
I worked hard for this
I tried to get to you
       You treat me like this
                        - Joy Division

Inspiration is easily found when you leave your fears unnoticed. Maybe you need a pat on the back for the excellent work you did, for being a friend, for getting to work on time, for living life the way it's supposed to be.

I am starting to learn things I have always taken for granted. Walking for example. I never really paid any attention to the nature that kept me company every single day, or the traffic I passed through during peak hour which always tested my safety, or even the fresh morning sun, my first dose of Vitamin D. 

So this is what they mean by euphoria...
I have so much to show you, so much to share. I hope you have patience. I hope you are there.

 all images from Felipe


Just breathe

have a good holiday!


hello world.

I'm so very sorry to leave you astray and venture onto new things. I hope you have stumbled across new blogs, fantastic images and beautiful people.

I know I have! University is keeping me busy. I commenced my Masters in Education this year. It has been a whirlwind of assignments, mental breakdowns and sleepless nights.

Through all of that I managed to secure a placement at a local school and *drum roll*
work for G Star RAW

I honestly don't own anything related to the brand as of yet but I believe they are a conceptual denim industry that prides itself in providing excellence with a minimalist, sheike and revolutionary attitude. What's even better is that the brand influences a range of generations and using a Brand Ambassador like Liv Tyler epitomises beauty and "cool" for me. It adds an element of intelligence in choosing your pieces of clothing. Everything has a purposes. Everything you choose will mould to your body. It promises you will never feel boring.

Now that's a promise at an expensive price worth exploring...

I'm Baccck!

2009 : Trip to India

I had an amazing end to 2009 and a great beginning to 2010. I can't upload all the photos but here's some of my favourites. How have you been? How were you're holidays? Are you back to the grind of life or are you loving every minute? Are you on your second revised resolution? I know I am =)

just to make things clear, he's wearing a braid. A wig his sister loves to wear. Indian beauty resides in the length of your hair and the beauty that reflect the fairness of your skin. For women in certain parts of the country education, is merely an option.

I will live vicariously through pictures and facebook updates until I can save up and go back to my home.


Exhibition in Melbourne. I'll be leaving soon to visit the beautiful city mid February for a week. Any of you out there wanna catch up?

Florianne's 22nd Birthday. I don't wanna grow old. 21 soon. quarter life crisis.

my favourite jesus, Big Lebowski.