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2009 : Trip to India

I had an amazing end to 2009 and a great beginning to 2010. I can't upload all the photos but here's some of my favourites. How have you been? How were you're holidays? Are you back to the grind of life or are you loving every minute? Are you on your second revised resolution? I know I am =)

just to make things clear, he's wearing a braid. A wig his sister loves to wear. Indian beauty resides in the length of your hair and the beauty that reflect the fairness of your skin. For women in certain parts of the country education, is merely an option.

I will live vicariously through pictures and facebook updates until I can save up and go back to my home.


Exhibition in Melbourne. I'll be leaving soon to visit the beautiful city mid February for a week. Any of you out there wanna catch up?

Florianne's 22nd Birthday. I don't wanna grow old. 21 soon. quarter life crisis.

my favourite jesus, Big Lebowski.


Eden said...

wow love, WB! glad youre back.:) looks like you had a splendid time. i wish i had time to get away too.. sigh


pigtails and blushing cheeks said...

India looks amazing, especially like the look of those markets!!!! hope you have fun in melb :P

Naka said...

wb ^^
happy new year i love the photo especially the exhibition :3

u look great ^^

Clare said...

Beautiful, India looks so interesting and colourful. Big Lebowski all the way!



{ Persis Shah } said...

love ur blog...would love to get to know more about u through ur wonderful posts!

do drop by mine if you have some time.


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