Am I a Stereotype?

Isn't she beautiful? One of my favourite Indian Models. I have been organising a trip to India, I can't wait to spend time with family and friends.


"Unemployed Teen wasting away during an economic turmoil"

"Aliens migrating to the country, a land of golden opportunity"

"red black and brown"


"vain hipster lurking around the streets of Sydney"

"female, career driven, apathetic to her culture. potential graduate"

Pick what you shall we all strive to be politically correct. I work my brain off and my verbal intelligence every Tuesday during my Ethics class. To tell you the truth I have no idea how I can truly justify my actions. I am surrounded by contradictions and I guess I am a hypocrite.

Not every question has an answer and that is ETHICS in a nutshell. It's frustrating not knowing if you are right or wrong. I'd like to think I am conscious of what's around me, the issues we face everyday but there is little importance if you are detached from reality.

I feel my blog and reading other blogs is an attempt for escapism. Its a reality we would all like to percieve as an oppourtunity to get to know others, share opinion and even secretly hope to get famous. Haha Come on!

All I'm saying is people take charge of what is happening now. Be true to yourself, you will form the answers may it be right or wrong, You my dear friends will have one skill the rest won't possess and that is the answer you believe in.



Rand said...

oh wow she is beautiful!!!!!!hope you can goto india and have fun:D

Sarah Alaoui said...


word to this post, love.

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