Jody Rogac

Jody Rogac born in England and raised in Canada, Jody currently lives and works in Vancouver BC. She takes the most magnificent pictures one could ever set eyes on. Jody also has a blog where she posts her personal and her professional work. If you are learning photography, or if you are an avid admirer check her work out!

Here is some of her work.

The weather in Sydney has been especially windy today. It has been raining for the past 3 days, thus having no luck with outfit posts! Sorry guys.

Strange fact if you wanted live in Australia- You can experience summer, winter and monsoon all in one day :D Bang for you Buck... or not.

I am also working on my DIY's but Uni has taken priority.

So how is your week coming along? Tomorrow I have a presentation due concerning Data Analysis and Graphs. I for one, hated absolutely cringed at the thought of numbers. Alas! I have to stick with it and get my degree.

What was your favourite subject at school?


Enep said...

her work is amazing. thanks for sharing :-D
ah, for the school subject I love Chemistry. I think Chemistry defines how the world operates :P

Re: glad you're agree. that's some nice words to live by *wink*

Eeli said...

Oh these are amazing! Good luck with those school projects. Believe me when I say I understand it all! *sigh*

x Eeli

Anonymous said...

beautiful photos, thanks for the link!

Francheska said...

Oh wow thanks for this! It´s amazing!!!

- Favorite subject : Art Art Art :D

Your blog is amazing!
Im gonna link you if you dont mind :)

Karla said...
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Karla said...

thank u:)

I love that cherry blosom pic!


pigtails and blushing cheeks said...

lovely photos!! i'm not a fan of the weather at the moment either :( my favourite subject is english, well, the most bearable anyway.

Sol said...

These pictures are indeed something special. I'm gonna check her blog out :)

Uni takes the best of all of us! Hang in there!

Thanks for stopping by :)

Erina said...

uhhhmazing photographs!! your blog is really neat! i'm gonna link you on mine, if that's cool...

Cassiopeia said...

Amazing pictures... Especially those purple legs and the blossom! I loved history at school...


Emz said...

Amazing! I love the first two pics =) Those tights are lovely. And my week, well, I'm procrastinating right now, Thursday night is gonna suck, and my favorite class is..... er.. good question. I'll get back to you haha.

Jillian said...

that first pic makes me want purple stocking/leggings SUPER BAD!

Raez said...

wow, i love her work already, teh last picture is love:)

and thanks for the hug dear:) i very much appreciate it at a time like this!


Jenny H. said...

wow. these photos are amazing.
some people just have wayy too much talent!

thanks for the comment.
im still loving your blog.

Joezehh said...

my favourite subject is drama, but then i am rather DRAMATIC.
x x x x x

Midnight traveller said...

Biology! Mainly cause it has evolution stuff, I have almost got my degree in it. Just about 14 more weeks and then I'm a BSc in biological sciences graduate. Hooray!
Good luck with uni, I know the feeling.

Popp said...

I like the first and fifth photos the most! The first is so interesting with the purple! And yeah, my favorite subjects is english, wich, sadly, I don't have any more, gymnastics and biology :D

kristaannashley said...

heyy thanks for your comment!
and i like your blog! :)

Enep said...

tagged! :--D

Anonymous said...

what lovely pictures :)

p.s my favourite subjects were art and english

kristaannashley said...

ohh yeah I love your blog!
thanks for stopping by mine haha

& i had a great weekend, how about yourself?

miky said...

i like your blog^_^
so many nice pictures^_^

love la last shootings you posted^_^

Makeup Theory said...

The photos are gorgeous.

YU said...

great collection of pictures!


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