Artist in Focus: YINKA SHONIBARE

Shonibare refers to himself as a ‘postcolonial hybrid’, having been born in England and raised in Nigeria before relocating to London when he was 17.

At the age of 19 he decided to become an artist, against the wishes of his father. He regards himself as 'bicultural'. He has stirred controversy because of his apparent Dutch influences, Indonesian wax-resistant use of fabrics and accompanying post-colonial, centre-versus-margins discussion which according to the masses is an injustice to his ideas and it's justification.

Regardless, his lavish costumes, his art and his videos personifies movement and aristocracy making his work spell binding.

I aspire to be of some use in the near future. I want to encapsulate his confidence, his determination and his optimism.

I came across Annie's Blog and her post on Sølve Sundsbø reminded me of Shonibre's work.

Awkward Conversation starter:

What's your favourite colour? hehe



Raez said...

thanks for dropping by the blog dear, you have a lovely blog:)

and this artwork is amazing! third pic is amaZING!

Paperface said...

Wow - his work is incredible. Thanks for the post. It's refreshing to actually learn something new on these blogs.

pigtails and blushing cheeks said...

i am in awe, love love love it. i remember seeing the third picture somewhere, was it at that exhibition at nida or the powerhouse museum? and have you seen Yayoi Kusuma's work (currently showing at MCA), she's amazing too, they didn't let us take any pics :(

hope you are having a nice day too :D!

Anonymous said...

i thing his work is beautiful aesthetically.i love the way he apy attention to detail.

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