First attempt at a "photo shoot"

Mel: vintage umbrella.

DO you like? "dot dot curve= :)" apparently it's the new slang

(left to right) Me: Princess Highway dress, Leona Edmiston tights, Bobbi Blu shoes, school hat; Mona: Vintage shirt, Gstar Tshirt, Jay Jays Skinny Jeans and Vintage Shoes; Mel: Vintage Earrings, Headband-Diva, Vintage Dress, Chinese Laundry Shoes and Vintage Umbrella)


This was so much fun! Le boyfriend had his serious face on as we kept messing up the photos. He helped us take the photos and for his patience. Thank you. Thank you :D

I also introduce to you Mel and Mona, two gorgeous girls both with an awesome sense of style. You will be seeing a lot of them here.

It's pretty late here and I start Uni next week! This break should be longer

P.S Kevin Rudd Please Stimulate Me!

Well That's all Folks!


susie_bubble said...

The umbrella really adds a special touch!

The Stylish Wanderer said...

the first one is amazing

rudi said...

this is wonderful! i like the red/pink tights :) x

ZZ said...

I really like the ones of you and your friends. It looks very natural.
Yeaaah! The first one is amazing. xx

ZZ said...

Ohh, sure thang. You're welcome. (:

Raez said...

thanks for the comments, girl!
you and your friends are adorable, loving the first shot:)

Carolina Botelho said...

I like this pic's! :D xx

Mimi said...

Love the polkadot umbrella, the lighting and color really added to the vintage flair. Creative shots you also have here in this site.

pandbc said...

that umbrella is adorable!

Eeli said...

Hey dollface! Looks like you all had a blast in that photoshoot. The first few pictures I think are pretty damn fantastic! Especially like the backdrop you've used. Old vintage-looking cars can add so much to pictures huh? :P

Eeli xx

Enep said...

adorable pics! ;--)


♥ fashion chalet said...

polka dots and umbrellas = too cute :)


Francheska said...

great attempt!
im loving this

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