Comments make my heart skip a beat!

I received comments from our very own Susie Bubble and Stylish Wanderer... *Jumps for Joy!!*
I know I am getting ahead of myself (its only been 4 days!) but i just want to thank everyone who visits my blog and especially those who comment.


It is getting especially cold. I am definitely not used to Winter considering I spent most of my life living with my dad in India. The chilly winter months are disastrous. I am over exaggerating. Regardless my humble body can only take so much.


I need to stock up! Coats, socks, boots, Jackets you name it. you suggest it.
I just might NEED it!


SANS Autumn/Winter 09-10

Miu Miu Inspired?
1930's Vintage Coat

I am not a fan of fur or any other materials that is obtained by endangering an animal or animals. Mass consumption. Yes. Big Trend. Yes. Other Alternatives. Heck yes!
If anyone disagrees... well that is your opinion.

Vintage Oscar de la Renta-Ebay

Harputs Own Swacket

rabbit on the run

I am currently working on some DIY projects so fingers crossed I am committed and I will post some of it here. I also start University next week and I am dreading the enormous load of assignments, presentations and my impending doom when faced with exams.

i'll try me hearty best to keep you guys up to date but until then take care my lovelies!


Edit: THAT'S CHIC dropped by too! This is insane :D


Raych said...

Awesome collection of photos. Good luck with your DIYs!

Youngest Indie said...

Love your blog! You have great inspiration pictures that I haven't seen elsewhere. That's great.

Thanks for commenting! I love getting comments as well!

Oh and congrats on getting SusieBubz' comment! :D

ZZ said...

Thank you! Have a good weekend too. (: xxx

Joezehh said...

you have some amazing taste.
thanks for your amazing comments!
x x x x x x

Cassiopeia said...

:-D loving the fringe dresses and the coral one... i love that fangirl-squeal-feeling one gets when a fave 'famous' blogger comments lol. it's immense.

great blog... thanks for the lovely comment. my hair is currently the bane of my existence - it's that long because i havent had time to go back to london to get it cut for far far too long lol. but i do rather like it, secretly ;-D


Fashion Garden said...

lol I was wondering why your are talking about winter when its over ... you in australia !!! I m in canada !! So you understand that we are the total opposite ! :P love your blog by the way ! ;p

pigtails and blushing cheeks said...

yay, winter!love the vintage oscar de la renta :)

and thank you for commenting too :D

Cari (isnotfashion) said...

Great picks!

ZZ said...

Good luck on your DIYs!
I know what you mean about the comments! Congrats btw! Some pretty amazing bloggers commented. (: xxx

Have a nice day. x

becca. said...

gorgeous phots.
i really love that vintage oscar de la renta jacket its a lovely colour.
wow, congrats for the amazing bloggers who've commented on your blog.
i've never been on your blog before, but its pretty amazing, and very inspiraitonal :]
i'm now a dedicated follower of your blog! :)
come check out my blog sometime?

Ferinda said...

you're blog is cool :D let me follow!

Nikita said...

Awesome blog and thanks for stopping by mine!

I really dig the SANS Autumn/Winter 09-10 pics, the jacket in the top one is ingenious.

Stop by again soon, new post just put up!

Nikita said...

She's from England and always signs her cards "Mum" so on print I'll refer to her as Mum. In real life I'm usually yelling out "Maaaaaaaaa" or "Mommaaaaaa" hahah

DON'T SWEAT IT said...

Stellar post, absolutely loving most of these pieces. Especially the androgynous black suit with the patent brogues. Something I would definitely wear. Rabbit on the Run and Harputs Market are also making my fashion tongue drool.

Emz said...

Haha,fabulous pictures! And I'm sooo sorry winters just starting for you, but it still feels like ITS NOT ENDING HERE. AHHHHHHHH!!

Jenny H. said...

you posted some great pictures!
loveee the blog.

faddict said...

You're right, it's getting cold in Sydney at the moment. I like the photos you've posted of the Sans A/W 09 collection, the construction looks amazing.

Enep said...

they're all make me drool! lol. great <3

Re: yeah,you're right. we learn something new everyday. to become a better person, eh? :-D

Enep said...

wow, when is your birthday? I love chicken soup too. there's a bunch of inspiring story there! :D

Enep said...

ah. don't be sad. just enjoy being 20. I love this quote: "I'm not interested in age. People who tell me their age are silly. You're as old as you feel." -Elizabeth Arden :--D

Sophia said...

the fringe dresses. lovely!!!


Sheena said...

This whole post is so full of win finds. I covet like 94% of it. Amazing!

The Goddess of Boho said...

Red jacket/ shirt is sooo cool :)

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