Natural Selection

I recently gained placement at a local Primary school for the duration of my break, where I teach and carry on the whole shindig. It's crazy! My students are the smartest bunch ever. You will be so surprised what a 9 year old's take is on global politics, the recession and sexism in Australia.

Oh! I am jittery and nervous. Is this really what I want to do? How long will the cute puppy dog eyes last for?

Darwin and my lamp reinforce Natural Selection.


My Brother bought the sequins jacket for me. I think it was Darlinghurst or Oxford st? Not quite sure but it was a HUGE bargain.. say $60. It wasn't skimpy on the sequins either unlike the recent collections I have seen in stores lately. I love the Chinese collar. I will show better pictures soon. I have to get my lesson planning done.

Deservable mention to Willow and Daria and That TEEN for giving me awards! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!

New shoes.

Handmade Swarovski Chandelier Earrings

Handmade ring, Sportsgirl greenvine ring


Ingrid. said...

it must be fun to work with & teach children! those shoes r really cool!

KATIA said...

LUCKY! I've been wanting a sequin jacket for the longest time!!!!
Great photos by the way :)

Dream Sequins said...

Good luck with the placement! I never had the patience for teaching. I tutored people in my college. Children are such amazing sponges, aren't they??? Anyway-- sequin jacket? That's so great. I'm about to gather my shiny, sequinned, beady things and wear them all in one weekend.

The Haute-Shopper said...

Wow, love that sequin jacket! And all the handmade jewelry. I think I need to start making jewelry again (I used to when I had too much spare time). Congrats on your placement by the way. I think children are definitely smarter than most people think. It's the teenagers you need to be wary of ;-)

Erina said...

Those shoes are awesome! I teach 5-8 year-old kids Spanish during the school year, and it's the coolest internship ever! (When I dyed my hair blonde they asked me if it changed color cause it was getting cold outside.) I hope you enjoy teaching!! :)

Joezehh said...

i love your blog. end of.
x x x x

kiss me quick said...

LOOOVE the shoes.

I wish you good luck with the placement!


Shini said...

woah those ring and earrings are handmade? aweesommee. Good luck with the placement, I think it's the most rewarding working with children :D!

Life In Technicolor. said...

thanks for the award, dearest!!! :) and those shoes are pretty wicked. some photos with you wearing them will be good, haha. my trip to cali was amazing btw!
thanks for your lovely comments and its good to be back and blogging. :)

andrea oxxox
Life In Technicolor.

Maverick Malone said...

WOw, good luck! I love seeing children do art...they are somehow SO creative. I wish I had the creativity that I had when I was a child. When you're a child, possibilities are endless... Must be fun :) Good luck!

xox, mavi

STEFANIE said...

lots of pretty things! :)

Mariona said...

I really love your boots, I like the color very much and I think that you can take a thousand different ways, good buy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KAELA said...

Handmade!!!! - so lovely.

Raquel said...

kids can be very smart!
great boots and earings!

imane said...

thnks or your comment !
you look great on this b&w photograph

i'll be back here ;)
cheeky girl

Farrah @ Stylecrumbs said...

BABE. Your new shoes are to die for!!


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